Nusantara Miltimedia University

Visual Communication Design (DKV)

“My experience in DES was full of excitement and challenges. While here, I had a wonderful time with my friends, teachers, and school staff. On the other hand, I also experienced events that made me sad and stressed. However, all of these things taught me to be a better person. I really appreciate the moments that I experienced while studying here.”

Seyi Permata Sari Lau

Class of 2019/2020

Nagoya City University

International Relations

“DES has a diverse culture. I had friends from various regions and countries like the Netherlands, Korea. There were also some which were of Chinese descent, then friends from Jakarta, NTT, and so on.It’s nice to have friends from different parts of the world who understand, accept, and respect differences.Because there are fewer students, teachers can really focus on teaching us and making sure that we learn. I can follow the materials more effectively.”

Aika Maniksari

Class of 2013/2014

Trisakti High School of Tourism


“Having spent six years at DES, I believe that studying here is a comfortable experience. First, because there are fewer students, we can concentrate more on learning. When students ask questions, the teachers are extremely helpful and accommodating. DES teachers are friendly with the students, so it felt like we were being taught by friends while still being respectful and having boundaries.”

Putu Bagus Putra Wijaya

Class of 2012/2013


Faculty of Economics and Business

“DES school, in my opinion, is one of the junior and senior high schools that is great for children’s atmosphere. Even though we are seniors, we still look up to our juniors and vice versa. After I graduated, I ran into former classmates outside, and we exchanged greetings. We even get together to talk now and then. Teachers, in my opinion, differ from those in other countries. They are laid-back and approachable. It’s simple for us to converse and share ideas. School activities have also included collaboration with Australia. There are also numerous exciting events. Overall, I am very pleased to have studied at DES.”

Daichi Fujiwara

Class of 2011/2012