Hi Santosasian,

Welcome to Santosa’s Radiance Cambridge corner! Cambridge Curriculum has been applied throughout all levels in our school, however, this academic year would be different than last academic year.

The new regulation system will be applied to refresh our school curriculum related to Cambridge Exam preparation.

There are things that have been prepared in connection to Cambridge Exams.

  • After-school additional class in order to drill the exam materials prior to the exam. It started on the second week of October till the end of the month.
  • Semestral Assessment: The new Semestral Assessment System this year will be applied differently and all the components of each subject in the Cambridge examination will be tested.
  • Pre-mock and mock: Pre-mock and mock tests are the tools to get the students familiar with Cambridge type questions and also as a barometer or prediction test before the real Cambridge examinations take place. These exams are only for Grades 8, 10, 11 and 12.

Therefore, since the school have prepared and equipped all students with all the necessary preparation, we would like you all to be prepared.

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