Our last theme in semester 1 was “Celebrations and Holidays Around the World”. Students learned about many celebrations, starting from birthday celebrations, special occasions that were celebrated at home and in Indonesia, and also the biggest celebration around the world, such as Thanksgiving, Chinese New Year, and Christmas.

Through this theme, each class prepared performances from 8 countries in the world and learned about the country’s traditions for a celebration such as special food for the celebration, songs, and greetings during the celebration, and also the tradition. Each class represents the country and shares a little bit of the traditions ofhow that country celebrates one of its big Holidays.

On December 14, 2022, the Culminating event, “December to Remember ” was held in the Santosa Intercultural School building. We invited parents to see students perform through dialogue, song and dance. For the opening performance, students from extracurricular ballet performed “Annen Polka”, followed by the opening song from all the students. After that, we saw each class represent their country. Nursery Avocado represented Canada, Pre-Nursery Watermelon represented The US, KG Strawberry represented Mexico, Preparatory Apple represented The UK, Preparatory Mango represented Sweden, KG Cherry represented The Netherlands, Nursery Banana represented Germany, and Preparatory Orange represented Australia. All classes prepared their performance and made their own properties for the presentation.

We closed the Culminating “December to Remember” with collaboration between the students playing musical instruments and also singing. Preparatory students played musical instruments such as Kolintang, Castanyet, and Bells and other students sang “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town”. All students were giving their best and all parents enjoyed their performance. Before going home, each student got cookies from Ms. Claus as a symbol of a gift from the celebration.

Written by Ms Audy, Ms Puspa, Ms Cristina, Ms Ribka

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