On December 26th, 2022, all preparatory classes joined the study trip. We went to “Discovery Lab” to conduct fun learning activities outside the class. Discovery Lab is a place that enables the students to have fun learning by doing experiments, discovering science facts, and building up their logical thinking. The kids went there by bus accompanied by the teachers.

When we arrived, we were warmly welcomed by the tutor in Discovery Lab. Firstly, the students had a science show. The tutor explained some interesting science facts then the students tried it by themselves. They had dried ice show, the strength of building up pillars to hold the weight, and the power of the wind to move things. After that, all students were divided into 2 groups. One group started to do experiments and another group had an introduction to coding (built-up logical thinking activities. For experiments, the students made snow and then made a liquid-solid experiment. They were so excited as in Bali there is no snow then they made it by themselves, and all the students looked so happy.

Next, in making the liquid-solid experiment, they were amazed that they could create things which are in the form of liquid but at the same time, it was also solid. After around 30 minutes, they switched the group. The kids were taught about left, right, up, and down for the introduction to coding activities. They also learned to solve problems, and arrange, and direct things.

The students had so much fun and they excitedly told about their amazing experience.

Written by Ms Irma

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