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Our main goal is to continue to offer engaging and motivating learning experiences for our learners and to be able to ensure our students’ academic progress while studying at home.

About our School

For more than 20 years, the Doremi Preschool has been catering a diverse student body of over 100 students of different nationalities each academic year. Our vision is to prepare our students with the character, knowledge, and skills necessary to make a positive impact on the world. Most importantly, we support and love all our students so they feel safe and will cultivate a positive approach to life. Doremi Preschool offers a healthy, nurturing and stimulating environment, allowing our students to be brave and adventurous as they learn and grow. In a way, Doremi Preschool offers the children a world of unlimited possibilities.

Admission open

Documents Required: • Admission Form • Birth Certificate (copy) • Family Card (KK) (copy) • ID card / passport / KITAS / KITAP of the parent (copy) • Passport photo of the student 3cm x 4 cm (2 pcs) • School Report Card (copy) - if any • For Transfer Students, please include transfer letter from your previous school • For International Students, please include: Equivalent certificate from the Indonesian Ministry of Education in accordance with previous education unit. Student must have a Student Visa

Why learn on Doremi Preschool

We have carefully implemented a rich, international program for our students, using English as our primary language and with conceptual learning strategies to cultivate the early stage learning experience. This stage is the transition from home to school, which is a major step for both children and parents, thus we work closely with the parents to make this move as smooth as possible, taking into account the specific needs of each child.

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Doremi Preschool

About Us

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